Superb Sam comes to rescue of stranger, 78

Stressed Lolly in broken down car

WHEN Sam Altakrity, owner of Superb Civil Group in Revesby, saw Lavina ‘Lolly’ Martin, 78, broken down on Canterbury Road near Revesby Maccas last week, he didn’t hesitate.
“I saw she had her face in her hands which was heart-breaking so I pulled up behind her, invited her into my car so she could sit in the air-conditioning, got her some water and called my mechanic,” the good samaritan said.
“The mechanic discovered the fuel pump had gone so I sourced one and the mechanic went and picked it up before installing it.”
Sam stayed with Lolly for about four and a half years during this time, hearing how she had just driven from Bankstown Hospital getting stitches removed after breast cancer surgery only to be told that she now had brain cancer.
“I’d like to think someone would help my parents in the same situation so I just did what I could to help,” he said.
“All Lolly needed was a bit of support.”
Sam said that after the fuel pump was installed, he wasn’t sure if it would do the trick as the car was so old.
“Sure enough, it went again,” he said.
“So I had the car towed and fully repaired; I didn’t charge her for the work and gave her a bunch of flowers as she was leaving.
“I’ve got all of her details now too because I want to stay in touch with her and make sure she is ok.”
Lolly says she still can’t believe it.
“To think all of those other people were driving past me and honking their horn but not stopping to help,” she said.
“Sam is one in a million; when I got the car back it had been detailed and now looks like a new car and he wouldn’t take a cent for the repairs.
“Radio 2GB heard about what Sam did and said they were going to send him $500 worth of vouchers but he said he is going to send them to me. He said, ‘I am blessed enough’.”