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Students help celebrate World Environment Day

THE school community at St Mary’s Primary Catholic School Georges Hall has acknowledged World Environment Day (June 5) by taking part in a range of outdoor activities (pictured) with a focus on stewardship.

Principal Monica Palmer explained that an environmental steward cares for all the natural resources and living things within their environment.
“Younger students explored the importance of clean water and the impact of plastics, especially for animals such as frogs and turtles,” she said.
“Plastic can be found everywhere in our environment, not just in waterways and students examined the materials some birds use in making their homes, even finding fishing line and plastic strips woven through the nests.”
Students then filled small baskets with grasses and other natural fibres to hang in the school playground, ready for nesting season later in the year.
They also engaged in planting native shrubs and grasses to create a garden for small birds such as wrens and honeyeaters.
Other activities included students exploring grinding sandstone to make ochre to use in their paintings and making mini bee hotels using paper straws and recycled mugs as well as exploring wind energy through making paper planes.