Store on a mission to keep alive cash

REVESBY Seafoods owner Vicki Oust is on a mission to keep alive cash, customer charges down and bank price-gouging at bay.

After discovering banks were charging the business $600 to $900 a month in surcharges on payments made by cards, she erected a sign in front of the shop urging customers to support local small businesses and pay by cash.
However, she said the banks had now taken over directly debiting customers’ accounts 1.1 per cent in surcharges on their purchases which doesn’t sound like much but for customers who only used cards, the amount would soon add up.
“Banks collect a million dollars an hour in surcharge fees but that money could stay in the customer’s pocket if they only paid in cash,” she said.
“But that’s exactly how the banks like it and even removed one of the last remaining ATMs outside Coles last week; we’ve only got the ANZ, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank ATMs left but I suspect they’re also making moves to become cashless soon because it will mean more profits for them if everyone switches to cards.”
Vicki is not alone with other local businesses also encouraging cash purchases including Revesby Bakery and Sakura Fresh Sushi.
“I’ve seen small businesses in Roselands and Sydney CBD even offering a discount to customers who pay in cash,” she said.
“We were on holidays in the Nelson Bay area and there are stacks of businesses along the coast also discounting cash purchases.”