Stop barbie after $6,000 threat

AN alfresco barbecue event to mark the start of fasting in the lead up to Greek Easter didn’t go as planned for Revesby Seafood owners who were forced to move it indoors after being threatened with a $6,000 fine about 4.30pm on Thursday, March 7.

Totally gobsmacked, Vicki Ousta said they planned to hold it in their 100sqm, outside area for which they pay $10,500 a year for to the council.
It would also not have been their first alfresco barbecue having celebrated this way in the lead up to previous Easters as well as their anniversary and Christmas party last year.
Vicki said she couldn’t believe it that in light of Ramadan celebrations, not only would someone complain to the council but the ranger who turned up shortly after, made her feel like a criminal.
“He said we had no permit and what if a child got burned and I said, I’m sure my $20 million worth of liability insurance would cover that with or without a permit,” she said.
“We moved the barbecue inside but the ranger said he was staying until 8pm to make sure we didn’t take it back outside again, which he did – ridiculous.”
A council spokesperson said: “The council has in place policies to ensure strict safety and hygiene standards are met and to ensure footpaths and pathways are accessible to the community.
“It is important for all food operators to follow the rules, otherwise we will have unauthorised barbecues popping up all over the City.”
A spokesperson for Mayor Bilal El-Hayek, confirmed he would be meeting to discuss the issue with Ms Ousta this week.
With the business established for 37 years and very community-minded, Vicki said she thought their treatment was very shabby and wants to warn other business owners who may be thinking along similar lines for Ramadan or Easter.