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Stacey St home found in Blue Mountains thrill

Bruce and Anne Gorvin-White look through old family photos at their Tasmanian home.

WHAT does the Blue Mountains, Tasmania and Bankstown have in common?

The answer’s Anne Gorvin-White.
Anne, who now calls Tasmania home, lived on Stacey Street, Bankstown, for 20 years. She lived there with her family from 1948 to 1968 in a cottage at the corner of Stanley Street, where a petrol station currently operates.
When Anne’s parents sold the property to a developer in 1970, the house was not demolished, but moved to a location unknown to the family.

Anne Gorvin with younger sister Lynn and the family dog Susie at the family home, 180 Stacey Street, Bankstown, in 1958.

Fast forward 42 years, Anne was travelling with her husband, Bruce, from their home at Leura in the Blue Mountains to the city, when she spotted a familiar sight as the train pulled into Blaxland Railway Station.
“I was just gazing out of the window when I saw my old home,” Anne said.
“I had been making regular train trips since we moved to the Mountains from Thornleigh in 2003 and I hadn’t spotted it before.
“I couldn’t speak. Tears just flowed down my cheeks.”

The former Bankstown home after it was moved to Blaxland on the Blue Mountains in 2003.

Anne was certain it was her childhood cottage and when she arrived home, she pulled out her old photos for comparison. The following weekend she went to the home, and knocked on the front door.
“The home was lived in by a lovely young couple who were amazed with my story and they were able to confirm that I was right about it being moved there.”
Anne was invited inside, which she said brought back a flood of childhood memories.

Anne Gorvin-White outside the old Bankstown house before it was demolished.

“What was so sad was that I couldn’t share my discovery with my parents or my sister, but I could share it with my children and grandchildren.”
Anne, 72, and her husband Bruce, 78, retired to Tasmania in 2017.
The old Bankstown cottage was sadly demolished about five years ago, replaced with two new homes.