Squad flies in for parade

Australian Air League Squadron Cadets with their officer commanding, retired Group Executive Commissioner Raymond Bell OAM.

Padstow cadets among top for ‘best wing on march’

FLYING through the streets of Sydney in perfect formation, the Australian Air League’s local group, Padstow squadron, has taken part in the annual AAL NSW Group Ceremonial Parade honouring the nation’s fallen heroes.

Cadets from across NSW, gathered on June 2 to pay their respects by marching through the city, with our own Padstow boys recognised for their precision, placing top three in the “best wing on the march category”.

Officer Commanding Raymond Bell said: “It was excellent seeing our cadets, Padstow squadron, representing our community in this way … (they) should be congratulated for their hard work and dedication.”

The “Air Mindedness Development League” was formed in July 1934 and not long after was changed to the “Australian Air League”.

Sometimes referred to as “The Primary School Of Aviation”, the AAL is a youth organisation for eight to 18-year-olds and encourages an interest in flying, either as a career or a hobby, in the spirit of aviation.

Cadets get to attend squadron parade nights once a week, where they can take part in variety of activities, including model aircraft building, camp craft, physical training and aviation classes among others.

Many former cadets credit their experience in the Australian Air League as giving them a head start toward their successful careers.

If you or someone you know would like to attend a meeting, then fly off to to find your local squad.