Springsteen, Mellencamp starring on screen as tribute artists perform live

A DREAM is coming true next month for fans of what they used to call ‘heartland-rock’, as renowned tribute artists Greg Giamcotti and Will Szyszka pay homage to arguably the two leading icons of the genre, Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar Mellencamp, in a one-off show at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL.

Friends since childhood, ‘Springsteen’ and ‘Mellencamp’ are set to pull out all the big ones such as ‘Jack and Diane’, ‘Born to Run’, ‘Hurts So Good’, ‘Cover Me’, ‘Rain on the Scarecrow’, ‘Dancing in the Dark’ and more. The only show of its kind in Australia, the club’s famous flipside entertainment audio/visual aspect of this show, will feature a live band and the singers while fans enjoy the video clip, featuring the real legends, on the big screen.
Book for the Springsteen Mellencamp show on Friday, October 27, with tickets ($30) at chprsl.com.au.