Spooky Men will haunt centre to celebrate 18th

The Spooky Men are celebrating their 18th anniversary at the Seymour Centre after just recording their seventh album, ‘Welcome to the Second Half’.

THE Spooky Men have turned 18 – so are they finally coming of age? Not likely.

Featuring Marrickville’s Jerome Koh and Mark d’Astoli, The Spooky Men’s Chorale is set to haunt the Seymour Centre in June but in the nicest possible way with a mini suite of concerts to celebrate their 18th year.

The Spookies are taking a good hard look at themselves in the (very wide) mirror and it’s a little hard to tell whether they like what they see.

After all, it’s been 18 years of being the thinking person’s mancrumpet – musically speaking – and part of the skill-set is inscrutability.

So, yes, the hats are there, the sphinx-like vastness, the facial crevices, the beard topiary … But is that crumbling decrepitude they are revealing or a magnificent descent into the vast bittersweetness of knowing this life for what it is?

These questions are more than appropriate, because the Spooky Men have just recorded their seventh album, ‘Welcome to the Second Half’, which will be ready for this June performance.

Formed in in 2001, The Spooky Men soon attracted attention with their Georgian table songs, pindrop beautiful ballads, highly inappropriate cover, and immaculate man anthems like “Don’t Stand Between a Man and his Tool”, and “We Are Not a Men’s Group”.
They say their latest album will explore some deeper things but also deliver a good deal of silliness.

“You may find the beauty and thoughtfulness balanced out by the fact it’s being sung by a bunch of idiots. Nice idiots,” Jerome said.
Catch them on June 1, with ticket bookings at seymourcentre.com or call 9351 7940.