Dining Out

‘Some customers drop in two, three times in a day’

TRADITIONAL Lebanese traditions have snuck their way into modern food culture across the world, including Australia, producing some delicious multicultural crossovers such as our pizza and so it is at Bayan & Co in Auburn.
Almost a one-man show, the eatery is owned an operated by chef Farid Allan who said that although he may not have set up at the right time in 2021, as soon as all of the pandemic restrictions were lifted, business started booming.
He said he was lucky he operated the only hot food place on his side of Auburn and believed the simplicity yet the high quality and affordability of his menu, was what kept customers coming back.
“Some customers come two or three times day,” he said.
“The oregano rolls, meat and cheese manoush and peri peri pizza are among my most popular items but I offer just about every combination you can think of.
“I also sell the full hot coffee suite, cold drinks, confectionery and ice cream.
“The Bayan special is extremely popular too and includes marinated chicken, jalapenos, onion and my homemade peri peri sauce.”
Farid said that even after including a modest price increase on his meals, they were still cheaper and larger than many others.
“Customers have told me that and I have also not had one complaint since I opened; I’m very proud about that.”
With catering also available with a week’s notice, Bayan & Co is open seven days a week, 5.30am-4pm, Monday to Saturday and on Sundays, 7am-4pm.
Drop in or order online through bayan-co.com.au or Ubereats.

Bayan & Co,
199 Cumberland Road, Auburn.
Ph: 8040 0812