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Solve world’s woes on green

AFTER years of fun on the course at Moorefields Road, Canterbury, the Seniors Social Golf Club has seen their numbers dwindling this year so are inviting more men and women to come along and give golf a go.

“The only thing that stops us playing is the rain; we’ve played right through the pandemic,” the club’s Ruth Christie said.
“Sadly some of our members have passed away and there are only about a dozen of us left.”
Ruth said it was a great activity for singles or couples and because they meet nice and early from 7am on Fridays, they are usually home by 10 and then have the day to themselves.
“The evidence shows that playing golf regularly is associated with longevity and reducing the risk factors for heart disease/stroke,” she said.
“And it can boost older people’s strength and balance. The sport is also associated with good mental health and improving the overall health of those with disabilities.”
With weekly and competition prizes on offer as well as Christmas and other holiday celebrations, the club welcomes all players and playing weekly is not compulsory.
“Once you start playing, you will really look forward to it,“ Ruth said.
“We like to think we solve the world’s problems on the course; it’s amazing that if something is troubling you, you can have a chat with whomever you’re playing with and it helps. Golf is wonderful therapy.”
For more info, give Ruth a call on 9771 9265.