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Slice of heaven to make mouth water

‘VERY thin and melt-in-your-mouth tasty’ is how customers describe the traditional and modern pizzas on offer at Doughlicious, according to owners Nivine and Mohamad.

“A lot of people tell us our pizzas are the best in Sydney,” Nivine said.
“Our dough is very different to the others; you can get a lot of thin and crispy pizzas elsewhere but they are usually very dry while our pizza is always moist and delicious.”
It is also very affordable.
A medium-sized, traditional oregano pizza will only set you back $2.
The other traditional options, like sujok and cheese, double cheese, cheese and spinach, meat and cheese and shanklish and cheese, cost no more than up to $9.
There’s also the modern Australian classics including pepperoni, meat lovers, supreme, vegetarian, barbecued chicken, garlic prawns, Mexican, Hawaiian and even Nutella to satisfy any sweet cravings.
“We’ve got spinach pies for $4 and three cheese pies for $5,” Nivine said.
Traditional breakfasts are on offer too with all the extras like foul with fava beans, labneh, hummus, breads, pickles, tomato, olives and cucumber, with the full suite of coffees available plus teas, soft drink and bottled juice.
“You can find us on Instagram but we aren’t on Uber Eats as we don’t need to be,” Nivine said.
“Our food is incredibly popular and on weekends, we are packed non-stop.
“We even have some customers who come for breakfast and then return for coffee or a pizza lunch or afternoon snack.”
Open daily from 5.30am-4pm and on Sundays, 6am-3pm, the Doughlicious team is also happy to discuss event catering for functions of all shapes and sizes.