Slam high rise proposal

☐ Residents and Padstow Heights Public School families are upset over plans to build an apartment block in Segers Avenue which they say is already congested.

A PROPOSAL for a six-storey apartment block in Padstow has angered residents and parents of the nearby Padstow Heights Public School.

Street already congested, nearby school at capacity

The proposal which includes 143 apartments, ground floor shops and 234 parking spaces in Segers Avenue, will now proceed to a Gateway Determination from the Department of Planning and Environment.

After that process and depending on the outcome, Canterbury Bankstown Council would then consult with the community and begin investigations into the local infrastructure needs arising from the proposal.

Trish Hutchinson from Padstow Park Public School Parents and Citizens Association, said their concerns centred around the impact on the local community and in particular, families and children attending the school.

She said the congestion that existed around the school was already a cause for concern without adding to the small residential avenue.

“Segers Avenue is already heavily congested and adding 143 new residences and shops to this small avenue will only exacerbate the traffic and parking issues,” she said.

“On top of this, the heavy vehicle traffic servicing the businesses will only add to the dangerous situation at school drop-off and pick up times.” 

She said the development would undoubtedly bring with it extra children who would be likely to attend to Padstow Heights Public, which was already at full capacity.

“Who is going to pay for the significant investment that will be needed to our school infrastructure to cater for such a dramatic and excessive growth,” she said.

A spokesperson for the applicant rejected the claims and said the proposal would benefit the area.

While the council’s assessment supports this proposal, it also identified the need for further studies to investigate other local infrastructure needs and concerns arising from the proposal.