Sixty years of wedded bliss

☐ Keith and Judith Rae on their wedding day in 1959 and as they are today.

IN a classic case of marrying the girl next door, Panania couple Keith and Judith Rae exchanged vows at St Davids Church in Arncliffe on May 9, 1959.

Celebrating their 60th anniversary tomorrow, the couple were originally from Tempe and after a short stay with the in-laws, had saved enough money to build their home in Drake Street, Panania, where they have lived ever since.
Judith produced two sons Neville and Trevor and they now have four grandchildren.
Keith still enjoys a game of golf while Judith still plays bingo and they occasionally visit the club.
Keith worked as a French polisher in the furniture industry and Judith was a postal assistant for many years.
They will celebrate their anniversary with a two-week holiday at Sussex Inlet on the South Coast.