Shops losing trade over scaffold mess

FORCED to put up with scaffolding in front of their businesses for the past 10 months – when work to the units above was supposed to take 12 weeks – has four Revesby businesses considering legal action.

Revesby Grind, Baker’s Delight, Awesome Thai and New York Patisserie owners say their businesses are being ruined with less customers and complaints about the darkness, with many shoppers assuming their businesses are closed.
A council spokesperson said the work permit had been extended after the building’s strata body applied for more time to complete the works, with the most recent permit expiring on May 31, and they had investigated complaints but there were no concerns about illegal or unsafe work.
Revesby Grind owners Anita and Deep Shrestha only bought the business in September and were told it would be long gone by Christmas.
“There was another letter after Christmas, saying the builder didn’t have enough supplies but work would be completed by the end of March and then another letter in February saying it would take another eight weeks,” Anita said.
“This has put us in a terrible position, we’re not sure if we can continue but feel someone should be held responsible when so many of our neighbouring businesses have been hit so hard for no reason, let alone any future benefit.”
Awesome Thai’s Vikrom Saraphat has been operating at the address since 2008 and says the past 10 months, even during covid, have been easily the worst and they’re struggling to stay afloat.
Westside Strata Management’s Tarna Adam said the construction was in the hands of the builder Bachalani Constructions.
However Eddie Bachalani says he is as frustrated as the business owners.
“We are led by the strata manager and can only do what we’ve been told to do,” he said.
“We are back into it now after the rain and hope to be out of here in six weeks.”