‘Shoosh for Kids’ campaign reminder to stop field abuse

TAKING part in the month-long ‘Shoosh for Kids’ campaign, Holroyd Rangers Soccer Club President Danny Rizk said there was still a lot of work to be done to keep spectator interference out of sport.

He said there was still a lot of abuse out there and it needed to stop.
“We are always monitoring sideline behaviour to ensure everyone’s experience on game day is not marred by a few bad apples,” he said.
“This campaign is a reminder about how to behave to stop the minority of spectators ruining it for everyone.”
Shoosh for Kids isn’t about staying completely silent, though, it’s about making sure we’re all positive.
The messages of the ‘Shoosh for Kids’ campaign, runs across five key themes: Think before you speak; keep it positive, keep it fun; remember, volunteers run kids sport; respect the referee; and let coaches do the coaching.
Granville Waratah Soccer Football Club President Noel Dona says his club gets behind the ‘Shoosh for Kids’ campaign every year.
“We already have a very positive culture in our club and if anyone steps out of line, our coaches and other parents step in to educate that such conduct is not acceptable and not the Waratah way,” he said.
“This has been our culture for a while now, so the formal Shoosh campaign serves as a reminder that our club is taking pro active steps to have a positive culture for all to enjoy.”
The Office of Sport has developed a suite of digital resources for organisations, clubs and associations to use and share to amplify the campaign.
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