Shocking rate of pets having tooth disease

Carolina Maluenda and Sam taking a stroll around Ewan Park.

PET owners are being urged to address their pet’s dental hygiene with research showing a staggering 80 per cent of dogs and cats have dental disease which, in many cases, is preventable.

Greencross Vets are encouraging dog and cat owners to be on top of their four-legged friends’ dental health and to keep an eye out for key indicators of dental disease and review their pet’s dental health regime.
Simple signs to look out for with dental disease in pets include bad breath, discolouration, plaque or tartar build up on teeth, pawing at mouth, difficulty eating or loss of appetite, redness/inflammation of gums, bleeding around the mouth and finally swelling under the eye, which may be a sign of a dental abscess.
Dr Veronica Monaghan, Chief Veterinary Officer of Greencross Vets, said: “We encourage Inner West pet owners to speak with one of our experts about preventative dental care and the best way to tackle dental disease.
“We would like to encourage local pet owners to visit their Greencross Vet clinic at Petersham to take full advantage of our offers and get their pets’ dental hygiene checked,” she said.