Sets sights on ‘3D’ crossing for safety

A BOLD new plan which is already raising eyebrows around the world, has been suggested to help make our streets safer, especially for pedestrians.

Councillor George Zakhia has suggested the use of 3D painted pedestrian crossings, which appear to rise up from the road in an optical illusion.
Canterbury Bankstown Council will write now to the NSW Roads and Maritime Services, requesting them to review the use of 3D crossings and develop guidelines for their use by road authorities, including councils.
Cr Zakhia says he often sees drivers speed over pedestrian crossings, without a care for their surrounds or the pedestrians whose lives they put in danger.
“To combat this, the council has in the busiest locations, built raised thresholds to place a physical barrier to force vehicles to slow down. But these are very expensive and cannot be applied to all situations,” he said.
“I believe that for many locations, the appearance of a physical barrier will be enough to slow drivers and force them to pay attention to the existence of the crossing.”
Cr Zakhia said the crossings could have various designs and would be pleasing to the eye as well as increasing the safety of all.
A Transport for NSW spokesperson said the NSW Government has no plans to allow for the installation of 3D pedestrian crossings.
“These crossings do not meet Australian Standards and Transport for NSW is not considering carrying out a trial,” he said.
“Road safety audits and other measures would need to be carried out before a trial of 3D crossings is considered.”