Seniors brush up skills’ day with students

RIVERWOOD Community Centre’s (RCC) Aged Care Social Support Group has hosted an inspiring, Intergenerational Workshop with students from Al Sadiq College Greenacre (pictured).

RCC CEO Ram Nishant Alajangi said it was a heartwarming experience filled with laughter, art making and the sharing of wisdom across generations.
“Our clients and the students engaged in meaningful activities that bridged the age gap, fostering mutual understanding and respect,” he said.
“Such workshops are vital between our increasingly isolated elderly and younger generations for fostering mutual understanding, reduce age-related stereotypes and building a sense of community.
“At RCC, we are fortunate to have the framework and capacity to bring these two generations together.
“A big thank you to Al Sadiq College for their participation and enthusiasm. These connections are what community is all about.”
To find out more or get involved with the activities offered at RCC’s Aged Care Social Support Group, call 9533 0100.