Close Shave sets record

worlds greatest shave at chief fluid systems, chipping norton Photo: Radim Cechvala Story:

SURPASSING all expectations, the World’s Greatest Shave event at Chief Fluid Systems on Friday, raised over $39,000, with the Chipping Norton business keeping their fundraiser open till the end of the month in an effort to reach their $40,000 target.

Owner and Picnic Point resident Glen Haddon said the success of the event was a huge credit to his wife, Mandy, who had spent five months planning the day which featured amusement machines, raffles, a live auction, silent auction, lucky door prizes, a food truck and coffee caravan plus three hairdressers in attendance for the afternoon.

“I’m currently rocking blue, green, blonde and grey hair, Mandy’s hair is purple and blue, my workshop manager has a green mohawk and my two bald staffers now have henna tattoos on their heads; there were stacks of people either getting their hair coloured or shaved,” he said.

“It was a lot of fun and all for such a good cause. “Thanks to everyone who supported the event.”

Winning Small Businessman of the Year in 2017, Small Business of the Year in 2018 and now in the running for Australian Small Business of the Year, Chief Fluid Systems hosts a World’s Greatest Shave fundraiser every second year as a way of giving back to the community, with over 300 residents, customers and local businesses rolling in on Friday to support their event.

Residents keen to add their support and to donate, should go to worldsgreatestshave and follow the link to ‘Team Close Shave’.