See trash transformed into art

SHOVELS become birds, tyres turn into accessories, buttons mutate into flowers and porcelain transforms into art – there’s always so much to do with trash.

The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre, a resource centre promoting the circular economy, is partnering with the Inner West Council, EDGE Sydenham and MakerSpace to bring the ‘Art from Trash’ Exhibition to Sydney for the first time from this Saturday.
Their motivation in running this event is to educate people in the potential value of what is thrown away, within an artistic context, to reduce waste.
“By reusing materials, we keep them out of landfill and give them a chance to turn into ‘gold’,” Bower General Manager Guido Verbist said.
A trademark of the Resource Work Cooperative in Hobart, ‘Art From Trash’ Exhibitions encourage the reuse of discarded materials in the production of amazing visual art.
The inaugural ‘Art From Trash’ Exhibition in Sydney will exhibit a total of 55 artworks from 32 artists and most of them will be for sale.
Makers of all ages, styles and stages, from emerging talent to established practitioners, are participating in the exhibition on offer from August 3-11 at the Makerspace & Co, Addison Road, Marrickville.
The winner of the People’s Choice award will be given a $500 cash prize at the closing ceremony on August 11.
The ‘Art from Trash’ Exhibition is a part of the EDGE Sydenham Creative Trails that will host a range of exhibitions, installations, workshops, live music and festivities across studios, breweries and galleries in Marrickville, Sydenham, Tempe and St Peters.