Secret to success in learning and life

A RUSH on books in the library, is a good problem for any school to have, especially in light of a new Grattan Institute report revealing a third of students can’t read properly.

However at Granville Boys High School, students are well set up to develop a love of reading which has become even more obvious to their librarians after Principal Noel Dixon introduced a compulsory reading program this year.
Students must bring a book to read in period 2 everyday for 15 minutes, with the benefits almost immediate.
He said the first phase of their program was focussed on making reading a regular habit.
As the habit becomes routine, they will add additional layers to tackle the key areas of phonetic awareness and student comprehension.
“Literacy unlocks all learning and skills-based initiatives in a school and work setting,” Principal Dixon said.
“Strong literacy skills are foundational elements for our students to achieve at their potential.
“At Granville Boys, we are working hard to ensure all students are catered for, and this reading program aims to do just that.”
He said the findings of the Grattan Institute report were not surprising.
“However, schools like Granville Boys, have long been analysing their students’ progress and taking early and affirmative action when needed,” he said.
“We have a great community that supports our school and students, and our staff are firmly committed to delivering the best education money can’t buy.”