Scoring goals with handball

LIDCOMBE’S Christine Lui has been undergoing intensive training on the Gold Coast with her Junior (U20) Women’s Handball teammates ahead of their Oceanic Regional qualifier in New Caledonia from August 11-17.

Lui says the easiest way to explain the sport is that it is like ‘dry water-polo’ because you utilise similar skills but on land.
“I play handball because it is exhilarating and it can be extremely hectic as it keeps you on your toes from the moment you step on to the court,” she said.
“You need skill, speed and precision as well as a thorough understanding of tactical plays and team work building.
“Not only is handball a great sport to watch with a fast scoring pace, it is fantastic to play. I enjoy the highly competitive nature of this seven-a-side team sport requiring accurate passing, throwing, catching and dribbling.”
The Australian Handball Federation (AHF) is sending two women’s Youth (U18) and Junior (U20) teams to the International Handball Federation’s (IHF) Oceanic Cup, and Lui says that they are privileged to have great coaches who will accompany them to the event.
Handball has been an Olympic sport since the Munich games in 1972 and is massively popular in Europe with a growing following worldwide.