School won’t be the same

The NSW Government is looking at ways to introduce face-to-face learning at some level in term two.

A roster system will be used to start getting more students back in to the classroom from the third week of term 2.
But Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the NSW Government is not proposing or supporting, at this stage, full classrooms and every student going back at the same time.
“The first two weeks of term 2 will be the same as the last few weeks of term 1 and that means most students will be at home learning,” she said.
“However, from term 3 we will be announcing further changes … more face-to-face contact.
“But I wanted to stress this does not mean all students are going back, this does not mean all classrooms will be full.
“What it does mean is NSW is considering a rostering system to provide some aspect of face-to-face for each student.”
She said the alternative would be students facing up to a year or longer at home.
“And we don’t think that’s appropriate, so we do need to take these initial steps on how we can introduce face-to-face learning at some level in term two and we are now having those discussions.”
Six new cases of covid-19 have been identified in NSW in the 24 hours up to 8pm on Sunday, April 19, bringing the total to 2,963.
NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant has again encouraged all people with symptoms, especially those in the higher risk communities, to come forward and get tested.