Safety forum with police

THE community and police have come together at Panania Diggers to discuss solutions to help tackle crime and improve community safety.

Some of the questions included concerns about online fraud, particularly with the ageing population and what action police are taking to engage young people to prevent youth crime, while the police talked about building rapport and relationships in the community and the importance of using education as a proactive tool to prevent crime, such as knowing how to scam-proof yourself and what to look out for so as to not become a victim of fraud.
State MP for East Hills, Kylie Wilkinson, said police did an incredible job in keeping our communities safe, but it was important to hear from residents, businesses and other stakeholders about their concerns and experiences “so we can work together to tackle crime”.
“It was great to hear directly from the Minister for Police and Counter-terrorism, Yasmin Catley, about what steps the Minns Government is taking to prevent crime and keep our communities safe,” she said.
“I am grateful for the proactive policing that it is happening in our community, including community outreach programs and education, which is key to crime prevention. I thank Superintendent Adam Johnson of Bankstown’s Local Area Command and his team for all their effort and hard work.”
Ms Catley said everyone deserved to feel and be safe where they lived.