Romantic comedy pays homage to 70s

WRITTEN, directed and starring Alex Lykos as well as Bankstown resident Chris Argirousis, ‘Me & My Left Brain’ is an intelligent romantic comedy about love, career choices and the paralysing effect of over-thinking, and is set to debut in cinemas from May 16.

Latest offering from award winning star

Arthur is in love with Helen, has a job interview in the morning but can’t sleep!

This conventional romantic-comedy is flipped on its head with the comical physical representation of Arthur’s inner-critic in what is the first ever Australian film with an all-jazz score by award-winning composer Cezary Skubiszewski (Red Dog, The Sapphires, Two Hands).

From award-winning writer/director Lykos (Alex & Eve) and starring Rachael Beck (Hey Dad) and Logie nominee Mal Kennard (Catching Milat), ‘Me & My Left Brain’ is an original, surreal, abstract romantic-comedy which pays homage to the rom-coms of the 70s.

“Alex & Eve was a broad comedy of which most of the comedy relied on ethnic stereotypes. As a Greek-Australian I wanted to tell a comedy which didn’t rely on ethnic stereotypes,” Lykos said.

“When searching for actors to play Left Brain, I was interested in casting against type. The Left Brain character drives Arthur mad throughout the night. So I thought, the actor who played Milat would be perfect for this comedic role.” 

While half of the film will be set inside Arthur’s house, the flashback scenes will showcase a side of Sydney that hasn’t been explored on our screens.

“Sydney is a beautiful city. There are some beautiful pockets of old Sydney which don’t necessarily make the tourism brochures. I am really excited about showcasing this other side of Sydney,” Lykos added.

You can catch it at GU Film House Beverly Hills. Visit http://www.meandmyleftbrainmovie.com to view the trailer