Rocks in for Jail Guitar Doors

LEARNING how to lay down a rock riff is helping prisoner rehabilitation efforts at Silverwater Jail.

Last month Wayne Kramer from US hard-rock band MC5, met with the 20 minimum-security inmates at Dawn De Loas Correctional Centre as part of the Jail Guitar Doors program.
The initiative was founded by English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg in 2007 and donates guitars to UK prisons to assist with inmate rehabilitation.
In 2009, Kramer, who served two years in prison in the 1970s on drug charges, partnered with Bragg to launch the program in the US.
Ranked as one of Rolling Stones’ top 100 guitarists of all time, Kramer was in Sydney with his super group, MC50, to support Alice Cooper’s Australian tour.
Jail Guitar Doors also donated 10 Fender acoustic guitars to the prison, so that inmates can continue to benefit from the program.