50s Lifestyle

Road to retirement for baby boomers

WHETHER you are a baby boomer travelling indefinitely, choosing to spend the winter months up north, or simply enjoying a few short trips a year, you are part of the growing grey nomad community.

Whether you are travelling in a caravan, motorhome, campervan, camper trailer, fifth wheeler or a tent, the one thing that most have in common is the need to get away from it all, take a break and rediscover yourself.
Don’t just think about what’s needed for your first trip, plan ahead a couple of years.
Will your caravan be mainly used for weekend escapes to a favourite getaway destination?
Is it for the fulfilment of a lifelong dream – the trip around Australia that may take months or even years to complete? Or have you perhaps decided to adopt an itinerant lifestyle and make it your only home?
The purpose will determine your type of caravan or RV, its size and configuration, its layout and the extent of its fittings. The amount of travel will determine how important features such as independent rear suspension, off-road capability and the level of comfort are to you.
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