Reveals secrets to growing juicy giant

GREENACRE’S legendary mango grower, Marcel Carre (pictured) has produced his largest beauty yet – it weighs in at 1.82kg or 4lbs.

Also producing a bumper crop of longan fruit from his trees which are indigenous to China and South East Asia and similar to lychees, he said the mango tree was planted about 10 years ago via a seed after he bought the property from a chicken farmer.
He said that apart from having the rich soil from the chicken manure to start with, the secret to growing large mangos was plenty of water and thinning the tree to allow the fruit to develop larger.
“I remove the fruit early on, to make sure the remaining mangos grow big,” the former Mauritian resident said.
The veteran gardener says plenty of organic fertiliser is another secret to his success.
“The family is very pleased with me as the fruit is extra juicy and delicious this year.”