Residents reject boundary move from Parra

NORTH Granville and Mays Hill residents have said “thanks, but no thanks” to a proposed move from the City of Parramatta to Cumberland Council.

The rejection followed moves in April proposed by Cumberland councillors to kick off a public consultation as part of a process to adjust the boundary between the neighbouring councils.
When the boundaries to create Cumberland were drawn up following the council mergers, Granville was divided along the Main Western Railway Line, with parts of Mays Hill and Parramatta formerly within the former Holroyd City Council area, going to the City of Parramatta.
Concerns were raised by councillors that Cumberland wasn’t benefiting from rates and developer contributions related to “the significant level of high rise development occurring on the northern side of the railway line at Granville”.
This was despite the City of Parramatta residents using Cumberland’s community facilities including nearby parks, swimming pool, community centre and library.
However a community consultation campaign by Cumberland, found a majority of the affected residents who responded opposed the proposed boundary change.
The council received a total of 156 responses, including three petitions with one totalling 174 signatures in opposition to the proposed Granville boundary adjustment, although two petitions totalling 32 signatures, were received in support of the Mays Hill boundary adjustment.
Saying he’d never doubted the outcome, Councillor Paul Garrard described the exercise as a waste of money and time.
However Cr Greg Cummings said at least they had given a voice to the residents who lived in the area, adding that he hoped that they would now “get the attention they so richly deserve” from the City of Parramatta Council.