Replacement ‘Meccano Set’ now complete

THE renowned ‘Meccano Set’ has been restored with the final beam of the historic gantry secured at Lansdowne earlier this month.

Motorists can continue enjoying treasured landmark knowing it’s safe

Minister for Roads, Andrew Constance, said the work cemented the much-loved structure’s unique place in the city’s road network.
“Since the traffic lights were first switched on 57 years ago, the square gantry has become a treasured piece of the city’s motoring history,” Mr Constance said.
“We asked the community if it should be replaced with freestanding traffic lights, but the overwhelming response was people wanted it to stay.
“Work was finished (June 2) to replace the 25-tonne ‘Meccano Set’ with an identical structure that will improve safety and ensure it will remain a part of the landscape into the future.”
The structure sits at the intersection of the Hume Highway, Woodville Road and Henry Lawson Drive.
The restoration work took place mainly at night across several weekends to minimise the impact on the 88,000 vehicles travelling through the intersection each day.
“Work has been carried out to remove the original structure, piece by piece and replace it with new, stronger beams fabricated by engineers a short drive away at Padstow,” Mr Constance said.
“Drivers can now continue to enjoy the ‘Meccano Set’ knowing it will be a safe, effective and enduring piece of Sydney’s traffic network into the future.”
Minor work including touching up the new beams and removing the site compound, will be finalised by the end of the month.
Motorists and the community are thanked for their patience while work was carried out.