Reject imposing fee for caravans

STATE Government plans to place restrictions and impose fees on people living in caravans in a backyards, have been slammed by Cumberland City Councillor and former Mayor Steve Christou.

Cr Christou said he was “absolutely mortified” when he heard that the State Government was planning to allow councils to place restrictions and fees on caravans in backyards.
“This is a blatant attack upon low income workers and the unemployed who are already struggling in a cost of living crisis,” he said.
“To now go and allow councils to reign chaos through the form of council applications and fees to reside in a caravan in the backyard, is nothing but a cowardly greedy money grab on those that can least afford it.
“The realities are most people living in a caravan are not residing there as a lifestyle choice but by mere necessity due to cost of living and financial pressures.”
The proposed changes would mean caravans on private properties face a six-month time limit and be restricted in size to 20sqm.
Cr Christou said that at a time when we have a housing availability and affordability crisis, caravans offer some relief to people facing certain homelessness.
“This proposal does not make sense,” he said.
“If the NSW Government was to implement these measures I will be moving a motion that Cumberland City Council does not implement these draconian charges, and restrictions upon its residents”.