Rego subsidy for child

IN a major boost to junior rugby league, the Bulldogs, together with Canterbury League Club, will cover registration fees up to $100 per child in the Under 5s to Under 13s.

The subsidy is expected to help eliminate barriers for kids to participate in grassroots rugby league and increase the number of children playing the game in 2024 and beyond.
Chief Executive Officer of Canterbury League Club, Greg Pickering, said the initiative empowered local, community-run junior League Clubs to grow, thrive and flourish, while Dual Director and Bulldogs Chair, John Khoury, emphasised the importance of opportunity and inclusivity in the decision to allocate up to $240,000 in junior league registration subsidies to local families.
“As a community club with an all-encompassing culture, we pride ourselves on extending opportunities for those within our community,” he said.
In 2023, Canterbury Bankstown District Junior Rugby League (CBDJRL) clubs collectively engaged more than 3,500 participants across 204 teams, ranging from Under 5s to Under 12s (boys and girls), and Under 13s to men’s and women’s open teams across both tackle and tag competitions. The area’s rich cultural diversity brings together players from various backgrounds and religions, uniting them under the sport’s banner.
Bulldogs CEO Aaron Warburton said the registration subsidy was as much about helping support local families as it was helping to grow the game at a grassroots level.
“The Bulldogs are a family club and by introducing a registration subsidy grant, we are providing families with the opportunity to access a community sport in their local area, and to enrol in rugby league at little to no out-of-pocket expense,” he said.
“We are especially pleased to be unveiling this subsidy during difficult times with rising interest rates and cost of living pressures. We want families in our local area to be able to access and enjoy the game, and the inherent sense of community that comes with it.”