Record number flock to enjoy ‘Ramadan Nights’

RAMADAN Nights Lakemba 2024 was a huge success as record-breaking numbers flocked to the event to experience the rich food, culture and traditions.

More than 1.57 million people visited the month-long event to break their fast, while others wanted experience what Ramadan is all about. The impressive numbers clearly surpassing last year’s record attendance by nearly 200,000 people.
Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Bilal El-Hayek said he was pleased to see so many come with a positive attitude and embrace the culturally significant event.
“We saw people travel from across the State, and even across the country and the overwhelming feedback was very positive,” he said.
The event, which was held over 31 days, saw visitors indulge in traditional foods from across the globe including camel burgers, knafeh, halal dumplings, flaming paan leaves and camel milk hot chocolate.
The council had in place street closures and hundreds of staff and external contractors to ensure safety and strict food and hygiene measures were met.
Mayor El-Hayek thanked the staff for the mammoth effort to ensure the event was safe and ran smoothly.
“It was a fantastic atmosphere as I spoke to visitors on the ground, and they appreciated us holding the event.”
The final weekend saw hundreds of people from the Muslim community gather on Haldon Street to join in Tarawih (prayers) and publicly express their faith.
“It was a beautiful thing to be part of and an incredible display of what Ramadan is all about,” Mayor El-Hayek said.
Thousands of worshippers were expected at Lakemba Mosque today for Eid Prayer.