Range of artistic skills to aid child well-being

IF you’re lucky, you’ve had a great teacher. One that inspired you, made you see the world differently and made you realise your worth within the world.

Janice Cameron and Kylie Dzarir deliver that great teaching through their new business, ‘Kids Got Skillz’, at Addison Road Community Centre.
‘Kids Got Skillz’ is primarily focussed on growing and nurturing children.
“We provide support to parents by delivering children’s programs that are skill based and at the same time, encourage contemplative behaviours,” Janice said.
Providing a calm and artistic framework to explore life issues is a mainstay of the ethos of ‘Kids Got Skillz’.
Having seen children who have struggled to find their tribe, experienced bullying and other difficult situations, both Janice and Kylie use their significant teaching knowledge to devise classes that allow children to ‘find their way of expressing themselves’.
“We allow children to explore artistically in a low pressure environment,” Kylie said.

And the experimental possibilities seem endless including options like photography, silk screen printing, yoga, meditation, breathing, street art, sculpture, collage, textiles, mindfulness, knitting and even cooking classes.
In their ‘Digital Detox’ program, children are given opportunities focus their attention on a single project – from beginning to end.
“We watch as devices are put aside and children become children again,” Kylie said.
And shortly, they will run ‘build your own skateboard from scratch’ workshops conducted by a carpenter and fashion design sessions.
Inner West Times readers who book for a school holiday workshop, October 2-3, will receive a 10 per cent discount if they mention this article.
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