Raising funds to aid sick

SO sick of being sick, diabetes sufferer Fifi Hazzouri was at her lowest point when she decided to seek out the support of others going through the same thing.

Diabetic siblings need vital, lifesaving insulin pump

“I began searching for groups but didn’t find what I was looking for so decided to start my own support group, Diabetes Alive, for underprivileged children living with Type 1 Diabetes,” Fifi explained.
Last year her charity also helped a young girl, Sienna Thompson, living in Padstow, by purchasing an insulin pump for $9,000 with the support of the Canterbury League Club.
“Unfortunately her brother and twin sister have now been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes too and we are fundraising to buy them insulin pumps too,” Fifi said.
“Diabetes Alive is hosting a charity fundraiser on Saturday, September 21 at Canterbury League to help continue to raise awareness and much needed funds.”
Last year Diabetes Alive successfully fundraised $140,000 to purchase insulin pumps for 14 children.
“This focus has helped my mental health through connecting with so many people with diabetes and I no longer feel alone,” Fifi said.
“Diabetes Alive has given me my life back, and I feel like I am much more than my disease by helping others avoid what I am going through now.”
Suffering five heart attacks, kidney failure and a range of other complications from her diabetes, Fifi says everyday is a challenge but she still finds the time to support others through Diabetes Alive.
Tickets for the fundraiser cost $120 and include a three-course meal, beer, wine and soft drink, with cocktail dress attire, live music, raffles, auction and comedian Rob Shehadie as the MC.
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