Raised his son to life after sending him to take punishment and cleanse our sin

Crucifix cross at sunset background, crucifixion of Jesus Christ

GOD created His good world for us to rule it through giving thanks and honour to Him but we have messed things up in the world in our rejection of God.

By choosing to live without God, we have rebelled causing harm to ourselves, each other, and the world. So, what now?
The result of our sin being the rebellion against God is ultimately death and judgement. Such is very uncomfortable, and we are all in deep trouble.
Despite our human sin, God sent His son Jesus Christ who has always lived under God’s authority to die in our place to take the punishment of our sin.
The most important day of the year is Resurrection Sunday because God raised Jesus to life again as the ruler and judge of the world.
Death has been defeated through Jesus’ resurrection which enables the opportunity for new hope and life through forgiveness.
Do we want to continue living life our own way in rebellion against God, only to face death and judgement? Or shall we choose to live out God’s new way with Jesus as ruler and through His death and resurrection, we may be forgiven to receive eternal life.
Deacon, Auburn Baptist Church.