Quick-thinking parking officers save life of man, 76, suffering a stroke in bushes

IT was just another workday for City of Canterbury Bankstown parking officers Carlene and Fred, when they spotted what appeared to be a man’s head in bushes at Bass Hill.

The pair sprang into action and rushed down an embankment next to a clinic on Hector Street, where they found 76-year-old Bob Patton, semi-conscious and motionless.
It turns out the Bass Hill local was having a stroke and his condition was deteriorating rapidly. Carlene quickly called 000, while Fred was able to manoeuvre Mr Patton and put him into the recovery position. Both officers then performed a stroke assessment while on the phone with Ambulance operators.
They also alerted Mr Patton’s family and waited with him until the paramedics arrived and transported him to hospital.
Paramedics told Carlene and Fred that they found Mr Patton just in time and if left any longer without treatment, a blood clot in his brain could have left him paralysed.
Mr Patton, who has been a Bass Hill resident for 49 years, is now recovering at Bankstown Hospital and while he is still a little weak, he is feeling much better.
He said he was on his way to the local RSL for “a couple of beers” before he blacked out and fell.
While he doesn’t remember too much of what happened, he recalls Fred and someone else [Carlene] coming to his assistance and is very grateful for their efforts.
“I’m very thankful for their help as I got to hospital in time,” Mr Patton said.
“The earlier you get there, the better your chances of recovery are.”
Mayor Bilal El-Hayek, who visited Mr Patton in hospital with the parking officers, applauded Carlene and Fred for their quick thinking.
“We’re so happy to see Bob healthy and with a smile on his face,” Mayor El-Hayek said.
“Our parking officers have a tough job, but they really are out here with the community’s best interests at heart.”