Program helps youth to excel

KINGSGROVE North High School takes pride in providing comprehensive support to ensure the academic and social success of all students throughout their high school journey.

Recognising a mentorship gap during the transition to high school, the Welfare team, led by Year 10 Adviser Dioni Karpathakis, initiated ‘The Big Sibling Act’ Program.
Now in its second year, the program targets a selected group of self-nominated and teacher-identified stage 4 and 5 students.
Stage 5 ‘Big Siblings’ voluntarily nominate themselves to become mentors, and data on their interests, hobbies and experiences are collected. The program then pairs them with ‘Little Siblings’ who share similar interests and experiences, creating meaningful relationships.
At the core of the program is the belief in the transformative power of mentoring to foster personal growth. Through activities and discussions, participants are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, tackle challenges, and celebrate both big and small achievements.
Acting Deputy Principal Sarah Noulas said the sense of community fostered during the workshops, transcended mentoring relationships, creating a support network with a shared purpose.
“The bonds formed among participants, including both Big and Little Siblings, contribute to an environment of positivity and unity,” she said.
“The Big Sibling Act program is more than a series of workshops, it embodies the transformative elements of mentorship, goal-setting, confidence-building and the profound connections that arise when individuals unite with a shared purpose.
“Our holistic approach signifies this remarkable initiative at Kingsgrove North High School, making a lasting impact on students’ growth and development.”