Premier vows to fulfil hopes

Promising to deliver on their State election commitments, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and newly elected State MP for East Hills, Wendy Lindsay.

PREMIER Gladys Berejiklian says the community will be kept “fully informed” on the timeline for plans to develop a new Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital although a site is yet to be determined.

Admitting that the planning, design and construction of the $1.3 billion project will take some time, Ms Berejiklian says she has asked the State MP for East Hills, Wendy Lindsay, to keep her informed on the project’s progress and promised to intervene personally, if necessary, to keep it on course.
Ms Lindsay says that as well as making sure the ball gets rolling on the major projects promised during the campaign such as the new hospital as well as removing the pinch points on Henry Lawson Drive, a commuter car park for 400 cars at Revesby, and establishing a Service NSW Centre in the area, she intends to ensure the small things don’t get forgotten.
“It’s about making sure the local needs of the community are being met,” she said.
While faced with a diverse range of parties in the Upper House from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, to One Nation and the Animal Justice Party, Ms Berejiklian says she believes there is plenty of common ground.
“We were talking today about before and after school care, and I can’t imagine any of those people opposing before and after school care,” she said.
“We certainly wont budge on things we feel strongly about, including watering down gun laws. That is something we won’t budge on, but I think there is common ground with all parties wanting to make the state better.”
The Premier said some commitments, such as building a hospital, didn’t require legislation.
“You just get on and do it,” she said.
“We will be keeping all of our election commitments because they are based around providing services and infrastructure which a government can do by having a strong budget which we have.”