Praise spirit of our community

Hussein Al Mansoory

THE “incredible collective effort” that was on display in the search for Hussein Al Mansoory “speaks volumes about the volunteers’ character and the spirit of our community”.

Mayor Lisa Lake and State MP for Auburn, Lynda Voltz, have praised the efforts of emergency workers and residents who rallied together to search for the 12-year-old.
They were both grateful for the professionalism, focus and teamwork of the local police, SES, other emergency services, and offered special thanks to Superintendent Simon Glasser, Detective Chief Inspector Ally Fenwick, Inspector Mark Wakeham, Chief Inspector Adam Phillips, the Auburn Police Area Command, SES Chief Inspector Kathy Garansci, Inspector Auburn Unit Jamie Newma, and SES teams from Auburn, Holroyd, Parramatta, the Hills Shire and further afield, for their great skill and dedication.
“I know that their tireless efforts were greatly encouraged by the huge contingent of local community members who gave up their weekend and workday to also give assistance,” Mayor Lake said.
“Thank you to everyone for your energy and generous spirit.”
Ms Voltz said “thanks to everyone for the incredible collective effort”.
“I say to every local community volunteer and staff member who braved the heat and put in long hours, their dedication in finding Hussein speaks volumes about their character and the spirit of our community.”