Popular couple celebrating 65 years’ married

LONGTIME Panania residents Keith and Judith Rae are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.

Marrying at St David’s Church in Arncliffe on May 9, 1959, they lived with relatives for the first three years while they saved enough for a home loan deposit and subsequently built their family home in Panania and are still living there.
However Judith was recently placed in full-time care with Keith visiting her everyday.
Blessed with two sons Neville and Trevor, two grandchildren and two step grandchildren, Keith spent most of his life working as a French polisher and Judith was a postal worker, later serving in several different cake shops.
The couple celebrated with their family last Thursday, with Keith adding with a laugh when answering the question he is often asked: “The secret to a long marriage is to keep your mouth shut and do as you’re told.”