Political satire to stir pot in short, sweet showcase

IS it a pit fight? A pub brawl? Maybe a gangland turf war? Nope, this is the inner workings of a federal political party complete with slingshots and bows and arrows.

One of the highlights in this year’s Short+Sweet Festival, ‘Leadership Challenge’ by Simon Tonkin, is a cheeky look at how backroom politics might appear if the players were to take it a step further, with Revesby actor Cindy Giang making her directorial debut.
In the days leading up to the next election, the members of the party must elect their next Prime Minister. It’s a dark and sinister place where the infamous parliament deals happen.
Political life is not for the faint-hearted as the Junior Minister will soon discover.
Cindy says ‘Leadership Challenge’ is a political satire which explores just who you can really trust.
The former St Lukes Catholic Primary and Mount St Joseph Milperra College student is expecting the plot to give the audience a good laugh as it did her when she first read the script.
“The story is almost child-like, even though it’s a political satire, as it’s very much like a playground game,” she said.
“It’s such a clever contrast with the adults working in these big jobs running the country but still stooping to win their battles much like a child would.
“The actors have been having so much fun with it and I’m sure the audience will too.”
Catch ‘Leadership Challenge’ and other short, sharp, tasty theatre bites at Turner Hall, Ultimo, from March 28-31.