Plenty of tricks up to entertain young fans

A HIGHLIGHT of the council’s Auburn Library events in the school holidays, award-winning comedian Tahir will present his new show – The World’s Best Worst Magician – next week.

Working alongside the world’s best magicians in variety shows for many years, Tahir was able to master a bunch of tricks which he’s adapted into a show aimed at those aged six to 106.
With audience participation, prizes and giveaways, he says he breaks a few rules, even teaching the young fans some of his secrets.
“Instead of a magic wand, I have a magic toilet which the kids love, they all want one,” he said.
“There are lots of laughs and I throw a few bones to the adults as well to keep them entertained.
“It’s going to be a fun, interactive show for all the family; I love the magic industry and in another lifetime, I would have been a magician but I love stand-up comedy too and it will always be my passion.”
He said we’ve all seen good magicians who are pretty ordinary comedians and now it’s time to see a good comedian who is a very ordinary magician.
“Only joking; it’s great when the kids say ‘you’re actually not the worst magician, you’re even pretty good,” he added with a laugh.
Catch The World’s Best Worst Magician at the library on Monday, April 15, 1.30-2.30pm.
Free but bookings essential: