Play your cards right and you could win a great prize

Euchre enthusiasts come together for a few games at Dooleys every second Wednesday night.

ORIGINATING in early 19th-century America, according to an article published in 1844, where ‘Uker’ is the subject of an incident taking place on a steamboat trip from Louisville to New Orleans in 1829, plus ‘five-trick trump’ games were recorded in Germany as early as 1426, Euchre is a card game now enjoyed by most of the western world, with Aussies among its greatest enthusiasts.

Garth and Robyn Fraser have been heading out to play Euchre at Dooleys every second Wednesday night from 7pm (next on June 12), for about 20 years and always have fun.
If they’re lucky, out of a group of about 30, they might come away with first prize ($30 eftpos or Coles voucher), second prize ($25), third prize ($10) or fourth prize ($10) and it’s free to play.
Garth said he learnt how to play Euchre with his parents as a child: “It’s a great game, similar to 500 if you know that game, challenging but a lot of fun; our club especially is very friendly and you’ll definitely have a laugh.
“You can’t beat Euchre and the best place to play it is at Dooleys. Your points are added up during the year and then, there is a first prize, second, third and fourth prize awarded at Dooleys annual sports presentation night. First prize is a trophy and I’ve got a few now as does my wife.”
For more info, give Dooleys Member Services a call on 8745 6105.