Planting seed to tackle mental stress

DESCRIBED as dedicated and inspirational, a group of Canterbury Girls High School Year 10 students are the first to go ‘live’ after crowd-funding to get their social enterprise idea off the ground, using horticultural therapy to tackle mental health issues.

Comprising Hailie Brown, Kiara Green, Billie Guice and Jessica Holt and calling themselves Team Cerebrum, the girls were mentored by Youth Change Agents (YCA), an entrepreneurial education social enterprise that helps youth see problems as opportunities through the lens of business.
The program saw five groups of youth, including Team Cerebrum, offer ideas to tackle stress in young people.
After raising $3,100, the girls plan to buy 40 plants specifically catered towards relieving mental health symptoms.
Studies show that much like looking after a pet, caring and nurturing a plant gives people’s lives routine and purpose and boosts positive mental health.
“The three plants they are currently focusing on are Lavender, California Poppy and Lemon Balm,” Head Teaching & Learning, Spiridoula Dervenis-Loupos said.
“Lavender has a variety of therapeutic and healing properties. It can be used to alleviate symptoms insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.
“California Poppy helps with nervousness, stress, and depression as well as helping to alleviate physical and mental fatigue while promoting relaxation.
“The scent and calming properties of the Lemon Balm can help relieve anxiousness as well as assisting in easing aspects of ADHD.
“We are incredibly proud of Team Cerebrum and will continue to look forward to their future success.”