Phone down for month but no fix date yet

WHEN Dennis Randall has to book a doctor’s appointment for himself, his wife or 96-year-old mother-in-law, it’s not as simple as picking up the phone and dialling the number.

Instead, he’s got to jump in his car and drive a few streets away to get service on his mobile – that’s all because of NBN works out the front of his Centaur Street, Revesby, property on February 18, the same day his landline phone, mobiles and computer shut down.
He has been told that there is a ‘cabling issue’ and not to expect any service until at least April.
“Telstra has provided us with an emergency phone where you can only dial 000,” he said.
“But it is simply not good enough; one guy was poking around out the front the other day and I said ‘great, you must be here to fix our phones’ but he said he was just there as an analyst and that they were very short of staff that could carry repairs.
“What has happened to all of the maintenance staff? I think this is a problem of privatisation, they don’t have enough staff now to fix problems.
“To think we will be like this for another month is very depressing and when I’ve tried to complain, after being on hold for half an hour at least, I get put onto customer service people who nearly always have a language barrier which makes it even more difficult.
“My neighbour’s phone is down too and I’m just wondering how many others in Revesby and Padstow are affected.”
Telstra has been contacted for comment.