Phone ban giving youth better life skills

SCHOOLS are already reaping the benefits after a ban on mobile phones was introduced in Term 4 of last year.

Thrilled with the results, Chester Hill High School Principal Maria O’Hare said the ban was working incredibly well.
“We’re seeing the benefits in the classroom with students much more focused and they’re also engaging in the playground much more,” she said.
“Everyone’s been compliant and parents are on board which is really great.”
Likewise Canterbury Girls High School Principal Belinda Conway said the transition for students had been easier than expected.
“In our post-implementation survey, students reported the change as being very beneficial, even our senior students who initially expressed concern,” Ms Conway said.
“It was just a matter of changing habits but the benefits have been better than imagined with more classroom focus, even card games in the playground now and more sport is being played.”
Canterbury Boys High School Principal Ross Dummett said his students had also adapted to the new policy very well.
“There are still a few kids who get caught, but generally speaking they have their phone out to check the time,” he said.
“What we see now in the playground are kids playing handball, table tennis and even tip, and our chess program has gone from strength to strength as the game of choice in the library, along with Uno and Monopoly.
“We are confident that by abstaining from mobile phone usage during school hours, the boys are honing essential skills such as focus, time management, effective communication and interpersonal relationship skills that will translate directly into the workforce.”