Perfect place to raise your family

CALLING it the perfect place to raise a child, Lidcombe Public School Principal Matt Lewis says Lidcombe has wonderful families who are very supportive of each other and the school.

“It’s a pleasure to work here and I’ve been here now for 10 years,” Matt said.
“There are great parents and great kids who are friendly, supportive and proactive.
“I think Lidcombe had a bit of rough reputation in the 90s but that has all changed now, with many happy families moving in.
“I would encourage anyone considering a move, to come to Lidcombe where we will look after you and your kids and everyone will treat you like one of their own.”
The school has a strong focus on the continual improvement of student learning outcomes in both literacy and numeracy while maintaining a balanced curriculum in all key learning areas as well as participation in the swimming scheme.
Also taking priority is participation in the Spectacular District Performing Arts Concert, specialist dance and fitness programs, PSSA sport, community languages including Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Korean, environmental activities, leadership opportunities and the school’s famous community celebration day.
“With an official school motto of ‘Forward’, Lidcombe Public seeks to foster educational growth through collaborative teamwork characterised by open communication and continuous improvement,” Matt added.