People with disability letting their skills shine in Afford’s Got Talent

Afford’s Condell Park and Belmore Day program members in the annual Afford’s Got Talent showcase.

PARTICIPANTS in Afford’s Condell Park and Belmore Day programs, took to the stage for the annual Afford’s Got Talent showcase, to celebrate individuality, self expression and the chance for people living with disability from across Sydney to let their talents shine.

Afford is a leading disability service provider in Australia that goes above and beyond traditional service offerings, such as staging Afford’s Got Talent, to support every individual achieve their goals under the NDIS.

Now in its fifth year, Afford’s Got Talent has evolved to become more than just a talent show. The event is a forum for people with a disability to come together, in a supportive space, to celebrate every individual’s unique talents and abilities.

This year’s event was held at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith earlier this month, with the event designed to encourage every person, of every ability to get up and have a go.

Afford’s Got Talent is now a highly anticipated event for every member of the Afford community. 

The event featured both group and individual performances with the stage always brimming with colour, movement and, of course, smiles.

Afford Condell Park Day Program joined with their friends from Chipping Norton Day Program for a colourful performance titled Mexican Bean, while Belmore Day Program clients performed as The Funky Belmore Crew with awesome dance moves and great enthusiasm.

Steven Herald, Afford CEO, says that Afford’s Got Talent is unique to Afford and is staged purely for the enjoyment of members of the Afford community.

“Afford’s Got Talent is about each and every client. It showcases their determination and will to achieve and perform in front of a group of peers, family and friends.”

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