Pave way for roads out of ‘recyclables’

INNER West Council is paving the way for environmentally sustainable roads by pioneering new road re-sheeting made from recyclable material.

The council has been undertaking road resurfacing work on Henson Street in Summer Hill using Reconophalt, which is 65 per cent more durable than normal asphalt and made from recycled materials.
The Inner West is the second Sydney council to use the new product, which is made from recyclable and non-recyclable materials.
Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne says that Reconophalt roads will last longer and be better at handling heavy vehicles.
“Our road re-sheeting will now be a way to recycle printer cartridge toner, plastic bags and packing material and glass bottles,” he said.
“Not only that, but this innovative asphalt product is also recyclable itself and can be reused into the future.”
The road resurfacing is in partnership with Downer Group as part of a trial for using more sustainable road materials.